Saturday, April 25, 2015

Chronotopes and Sites

I saw a film recently, BELLA VISTA, that is encouraging me to think about the way time and space get made in a story.

And I'm indexing a book right now. . .

Site Reading offers a new method of literary and cultural interpretation and a new theory of narrative setting by examining five sites (supermarkets, dumps, roads, ruins, and asylums) that have been crucial to American literature and visual art since the mid-twentieth century. Against the traditional understanding of setting as a static background for narrative action and character development, this book argues that sites figure in novels as social agents. Engaging a wide range of social and cultural theorists, especially Bruno Latour and Erving Goffman, Site Reading examines how the literary figuration of real, material environments reorients our sense of social relations. 
Given MARTian's setting, I anticipate reading about supermarkets as social and literary spaces. Look! Shopping carts.

PS Books are nonhuman actants.

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