Friday, February 28, 2014

The Apple Falls Close to the Tree

Communiqué from my Daughter on the Eve of Hitting Send on Novel Revision

Mom, I had a very vivid dream about 1910 and your writing through the's a fantastic book. And I love you and you're awesome. Oh, and there were cat bombs...this is why I don't trust my dreams. Mimi

Cat bombs: Tell me more. And why are you posting about baby poisonous snakes?*

Well, Kazoo** was being used as a weapon of (medieval) mass destruction. I had sewn her a tiny explosive vest. It was a bad idea. Oh, and there were a LOT of archer snipers, which is why we were resorting to this. You were diligently writing the edits...on a portable typewriter. Oh, and because it was a dream and dreams are the way they are

at one point we were enjoying a series of cascading hot spring pools and waterfalls that overlooked a cliff into the ocean...writhing with acrobatic orcas eating puffins.

* Of course she never did tell me about the snakes. She and a friend were congratulating one another on their snake spotting, snake flipping, and snake identifying skills. These are baby snakes that like to come up through the laundry drains. I'm vague on the details, clearly, but I disapprove. 

** Her malevolence is legendary. One time we came home to find a student film team recording her snarling with boom mikes. 

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