Friday, January 17, 2014

Dear Debuts and Other Bambi-Legged Writers

Here are links to the Morris interviews...

 Evan Roskos,

 Cat Winters,

 Carrie Mesrobian

Stephanie Keuhn

Elizabeth Ross 

I don't like to give advice to writers. I know I'm unqualified to give writing advice. I think there is too much of it flying around. I mean, just because some lunatic discovers that printing her novel out, hanging it on the clothesline and then looking at it from the bathroom window with binoculars gives her a new perspective and inspiration doesn't mean that will work for everyone. Or even anyone. Don't try it. Please. 

But I feel duty-bound to share this...

Welcome to a writer's life.

 Okay, so that's overstating it some. 

But this really is you, and you know it.

But on the flip-side?

Find your own lunacy. 

Master your own lunacy. 

Respect the lunacy of others. 

Like kitten. 

This post is lovingly dedicated to this year's YA debuts, like The Valentines and the Class of 2K14... and to this year's Morris nominees. 

Credit where credit is due: Shannon Saruwatashi owns this shirt and took these pictures.
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