Thursday, September 12, 2013

Best dusty chocolate bar ever

I've known the world conspired in the interest of my happiness ever since I found part of a chocolate bar under the sewing machine cabinet that time I was wrongly punished. It wasn't a whole chocolate bar, and there was quite a bit of dust on it, but I was three (maybe?), and I ate it, and it made me happy.

Today I am made happy by a variety of things.* One of them is this song by The Handsome Family about Mary Sweeney, the famous Wisconsin Window Smasher.

Mary appears in one of my favorite books: WISCONSIN DEATH TRIP**—and now, here she is in a song by The Handsome Family.

Best dusty chocolate bar ever. I'm just going to spend the rest of the afternoon indexing a book about the Delphic Oracle while listening to "The Woodpecker."

*I've also had a large speck of good news about the book formerly known as 1910.

**The book appears in The Freak Observer

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