Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My Book is About Terrorism

Black Helicopters is the story of a terrorist, a suicide bomber.

Today, in the shadow of another act of terror, the thought of writing--or reading--a book about terrorism stinks of sadistic voyeurism. At least that is how a part of my heart feels. 

But the day I began writing that book, way back in September of 2011, the shadow of terrorism was every bit as dark. It is a long shadow that extends deep into history and all around the globe. 

Terror can be used as an instrument of coercion and control. 

Many hands have used that instrument. 

In order to dismantle it, we need to understand it. 

In order to understand it, we need to think about it, not once and in a single way, but from many perspectives. 

Black Helicopters is a small effort toward that end. 

It might not be that helpful.

But that is how it was intended. 

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