Friday, January 4, 2013

Genre Bugs Me

A current of conversation is the purpose of "genre" in helping readers find books. Personally, I disagree with the mushification of the word genre that goes on, but that's just me. I'm very attached to the cladistic model of biology, and the use of "genre" without attention to "species" and "tribe" bugs me. 

Yep, truly bugs me.
Part of this is because the only brick and mortar book store in my particular habitat has developed an inscrutable shelving style that manages to hide books pretty thoroughly. Example: Individual books in a series by a single author are distributed in three places. Damned if I know why book two is on the "new"shelf  and three is on the "series" shelf.

Even worse is my attitude toward excessive classification by developmental stage...

When you are out of the pupa,
you are an adult.
You can read whatever you want.

All of this makes me itchy. 
FWIW: Black Helicopters is as contemporary and realistic as either of my earlier books. Only this time: More plot! Which makes it thrilling! 
And the book I'm writing now? 1910 has an historical setting...

...involves real events...
...and includes a haunted typewriter, 

similar to the one (not)seen here in its portable, traveling case.
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