Friday, April 27, 2012

Bright Light of Shipwreck: The Mother Ship

1978, near Arlee, Montana. 

This year's bright light of shipwreck is tangled in the rigging of being the mom.

Apparently, the notion of the Mother Ship entered popular culture when a woman said she had seen a UFO, a "mother saucer" with "little saucers playing around it."

The mother ship is the big one, the one that carries the load and does the messy work. Aircraft carriers and factory ships are mother ships.

Today is my daughter's birthday. She has become a Mother Ship in her own right.

This is a conversation among mother ships; my daughter's words are in blue...

Inquiring minds want to know...what will 5 sheets of Nori do to the gastrointestinal tract of a four year old?

hmmmmm, interesting dilemma - I'm going to guess that there will be some 'interesting' movements in your future...

Make it dark and... shiny? Sounds like an experiment. Take pictures... don't feel the need to share them though.

Inquiring minds do NOT want to know!! (ok, we want to know, but NO pictures!!!!)

I have not, nor do I ever hope to, sunk low enough to photograph poop.

From WIKI: Nori is about a third protein and a third dietary fiber. It contains high proportions of iodine, carotene, vitamins A, B and C, as well as significant amounts of calcium and iron. While the nutritional value varies, one example of 100 g of dry yaki-nori contains 41.4 g of protein, 3.7 g of fat, 36.0 g of dietary fiber, 280 mg of calcium, 300 mg of magnesium, 2.4 mg of potassium, 6 mg of iodine, 3.6 mg of zinc and 11.4 mg of iron. That same 100 g of dry yaki-nori also contains 25 mg of vitamin A (β-carotene), 4.6 mg of vitamin E, 390 μg of vitamin K, 690 μg of vitamin B1, 2.33 mg of vitamin B2, 11.7 mg of niacin, 590 μg of vitamin B6, 57.6 μg of vitamin B12, 1.90 μg of folic acid, 1.18 mg of pantothenic acid and 210 mg of vitamin C.[11]
According to Food Standards Australia New Zealand, one sushi roll contains 92 micrograms of iodine and the recommended daily intake of iodine for adults is 150 micrograms.... SOOOO...YOUR SON IS IODINIZED BUT HE'LL BE FINE! :o)

Hehehehe... Counteract it with cheese, loads of it!!

what if it looks like Elvis?

...not even if it looks like Elvis...

Motherhood, it's a really dirty job. Happy Birthday Mimitron!

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