Tuesday, February 28, 2012

An EPIC Library

Books are for sharing.

If you believe that, keep reading.

Empowering Peers Igniting Change (EPIC) is determined to change the world. Trust me, they know the world could use some changing. EPIC is a group of homeless teen moms. 
One thing we can share with them are books. Those books will become a lending library, their library. 
You know the luxury of walking to a shelf and picking up a book? That's what they want for themselves, their children, and the other homeless kids in the community. (There is a public library, but it isn't always easy to go there. It isn't like having books of your own—books you can share with friends.) 
So, hey! Maybe you have some books to share. 
What sort of books? 
Both fiction and nonfiction are welcome. Nonfiction about "overcoming odds" is especially cool. Titles mentioned include A Child Called It, Rachel's Challenge, Bright Red Scream, To Write Love on Her Arms... 
For fiction, fantasy and dystopian science fiction are hot right now. (I think they would love some historical fiction, too.) Vampires are still perfectly OK.
Any genre would be fine. That's the conclusion...
If you do have books to share, here is the address:

C/O Carlene Goodheart, EPIC
7 North 31st Street
Billings, MT  59103

That's all there is to it. One thing, you might feel good all day. It's a side effect...
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