Monday, October 10, 2011

Questing Beast

"Been questin' today?"
"Oh. Yes, thank you. Always am questing, you know. After the Questing Beast."
"Interesting job, that, very."
"Yes, it is interesting. would you like to see some fewmets?"
--T. H. White The Once and Future King

I  haven't seen a Splendid Fairy Wren.
I haven't seen a Konik, either,
but I got hours of cold, damp satisfaction looking
 for one in the marshes while I was in Holland.
I did find fewmets.
While watching for Fairy Wrens, I've seen kookaburras
and Kangaroo Paw flowers.
I could make some blather here about writing being like pursuit of the Questing Beast, but the salient points are these: 

1) A lot of people may laugh when you go after the Questing Beast; 
2) One must do one's best despite that;
3) You are imagining things.
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