Friday, June 3, 2011

Juggling Kittens, Cobras, and Cabbage

I have nothing to contribute to Poetry Friday this week
I'm juggling kittens.*
But Poetry Friday is at The Writer's Armchair
Toby Speed is one of my favorite human beings and
she is hosting today despite the fact that she is 
juggling kittens of her own: 

1) Revising her book
2) Anticipating her daughter's wedding
3) Being a poet

* Yesterday was Yell-fudge!-at-a-cobra Day. I didn't get that done, either. And being done with my book? Not done. 

I did plant a cabbage

If you enjoy today's illustration (what is wrong with you? Did you click on it? You really should click on it.), you should go to the Uncyclopedia entry for juggling kittens. I thought about including a disclaimer, but if you enjoy that illustration you have already been corrupted by the Interwebz. 
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