Monday, May 9, 2011

Dear Library of Congress, Thank you...

Here's a milestone on the road to publication: What editor Andrew Karre refers to as the poem in metadata created to describe Catch and Release 

            Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data

Woolston, Blythe.
  Catch and Release / by Blythe Woolston.
       p. cm.
  Summary: Eighteen-year-old Polly and impulsive, seventeen-year-old Odd survive an deadly outbreak of flesh-eating bacteria, but resulting wounds have destroyed their plans for the future and with little but their unlikely friendship and a shared affection for trout fishing, they set out on a road trip through the West.
  ISBN 978-0-7613-7755-9 (trade hard cover : alk. paper)  [1. Disfigured persons--Fiction. 2. Automobile travel--Fiction. 3. Fishing--Fiction. 4. Trout--Fiction. 5. Communicable diseases--Fiction. 6. West (U.S.)--Fiction.]  I. Title.
  PZ7.W88713Tro 2012

That was composed by a master of clarity and concision. As an indexer, I admire it greatly. As a reader, I trust it will help other readers find the book. 

Thanks to CIP data, I've just added Playing with Matches by Brian Katcher to my TBR pile.

Here's the CIP data that sold me on the book:

While trying to find a girl who will date him, Missouri high school junior Leon Sanders befriends a lonely, disfigured female classmate.[1. Dating (Social customs)--Fiction. 2. Friendship--Fiction. 3. Beauty, Personal--Fiction. 4. High Schools--Fiction. 5. Schools--Fiction. 6. Disfigured persons (U.S.)--Fiction. 7. Missouri--Fiction.] 

First words: "So I was reading this Vonnegut novel." 

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