Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Living Under the Name of Sanders

This is a good picture made originally by
E. H. Shepard.
Unless it's really rainy this afternoon, 
I'll commence living under the name of Sanders by this evening.

This is a result of what we were reading last night: Winnie the Pooh. Actually, I wasn't doing the reading, I was being read to, which is one of the more delightful experiences life offers. The person doing the reading was really enjoying the jokes, which made me enjoy them, even though they are pretty old jokes.

Anyway, we will be painting Mr. Sanders above our door. 
(I might paint RNIG ALSO by the bell.)

I'm going to continue to live under the name of WOL—or "woolston" which is good as.

Prior to the reading part of last evening, we had a conversation about names, specifically the names we, in this family live under. Our names are rivers (Angus and Blythe). Our names are streams (Dee and William). And we have one fish to live in the water (Pike). Our names are mythic and heroic (Ajax, Angus, Christopher, Cyrus, Nelson, Travis, William). Our names are the moon (Neoma) and a star (Aldebaran).

But our names are also pretty silly. Mine for example is a town surrounded by lettuce and a doll with eyes. It is a puritan virtue name, which gives me giddy, brainless joy and makes me wonder why giddy, brainless joy is a virtue. Since it is, though, I have to assume that living under the name of Sanders is a virtuous act. 
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