Friday, February 18, 2011

"It's the way they do ordinary things" for Poetry Friday

Lately I've been looking at photographs.

This is a painting by Ray Troll. His book
Sharkabet is my favorite alphabet book.
You should look at it. 
Lately, I've been thinking about the origins of written language and two other events that happened after. 

Event one has something to do with the difference between commodity and creativity. It's is slow going, thinking about that. So far I have nothing much to say.

Event two, which is more evidenced, is the emergence of prose. It was a struggle for prose to come into the world, because the world was dominated by poetry then, in every possible niche. Poetry stood forty feet tall and had teeth like steak knives. Poetry swam in primordial seas. 

Poetry remembers this. Sometimes feral poetry erupts like the kraken. Witness this...

photo by François-Marie Banier, found via Даша @ everyday_i_show which is a blog community on livejournal. I think this is an eruption of poetry. 

(PS: I know this is weak tea. 

I know that what I'm calling poetry is something bigger than poetry. I also know that Ray Troll's Sharkabet is a brilliant example of prose. But, as I've said, my poetic license was suspended for good cause.)

Do go to Great Kids Books , which is hosting for Poetry Friday to get some well-brewed ideas and language.
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