Thursday, November 18, 2010

Moleskine Love

Over at It's the World Dear, Bess Weatherby is having a contest where she is giving away a bright, shiny red Molskine notebook. She says her notebook is magic (it was signed by a wizard, for one thing).

I love my own Moleskines. I love to draw things I see when I visit museums. I enjoy the act of writing things out long-hand. That notebook on top has notes for The Freak Observer and for my second book, The-Book-Formerly-Known-as-Troutzilla (coming out February 2012).*  This notebook went with me to Nagasaki this past spring on the "Nagasaki Rocket Donkey" tour.

Moleskines may not be magic, but they sure help you keep track of magical things that happen.

*Toilet Panda is not a book title--that is the name of those little Japanese stickers on the bottom.
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