Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fresh Ink 4 Fall @ Parmly Billings Library

These books will go to readers who attend today's Fresh Ink program. 

Here is a new list of books from debut authors to keep you busy reading from now until the snow arrives. Not all books are a good fit for all readers; some books tackle subjects or use language that might make you feel uncomfortable. But don't be shy--look around, check them out, you might find the perfect book for you.

1-Aug  Blythe Woolston Freak Observer
3-Aug  Laura Toffler-Corrie The Life and Opinions of Amy Finawitz, Eighth Grader You can read the first chapter on line Much funny. 17-Aug  Sarah Dooley  Livvie Owen Lived Here  Watch the trailer on YouTube. Much truth seen through autistic eyes. 
31-Aug  Kelly Creagh Nevermore  Bonus: Go to Kelly's extras page and download "Emily Gone, Not Gone" by the Cemetery Sighs... Much heartache.
31-Aug Kiersten White Paranormalcy You can read an excerpt where you will find a vampire-zapping heroine toting a pink taser--covered with rhinestones. Much fun.
1-Sep  Michaela MacColl  The Prisoners in the Palace First chapter goodness History, romance, and intrigue--and Queen Victoria.
1-Sep  Erin Bow Plain Kate First Chapter for you! Courage, magic, and a talking cat. Fantasy inspired by Russian fairytales.
1-Sep  Mara Purnhagen Past Midnight You can get a little taste of this one on Amazon. You may remember Tagged by Mara came out earlier this year.
1-Sep  Steve Brezenoff The Absolute Value of -1 The trailer on this one is brilliant--and fits the book exactly.
7-Sep  Kody Keplinger The DUFF (Designated Ugly Fat Friend) This one one was written by a teen. I'm impressed.
7-Sep  Denise Jaden Losing Faith Listen to Denise talk about her book here A sister story and a mystery layered together beautifully.
16-Sep Brenna Yovanoff The Replacement I can't wait to get my mitts on this one. Watch this. Shiver?
1-Oct  Matthew Kirby Clockwork Three I'm eagerly waiting for this one too, tempted by three children and an enchanted violin...
5-Oct  Mindi Scott Freefall Realistic and edgy. This recent Tweet from Mindi indicates she may have a talent for horror or urban fantasy too... "Dreamed that my cat jumped into the flushing toilet & disappeared. It was upsetting. Then he showed up later looking all Pet Cemetery."
5-Oct  Rae Mariz The Unidentified Welcome to a dystopian future where kids are used for marketing research. Rimrock Mall may never look the same to you again. Just sayin'
12-Oct  Cindy Callaghan Just Add Magic A magic cookbook is at the heart of this yummy book.
18-Oct  Jackie Morse Kessler Hunger Meet Lisabeth Lewis: She's anorexic and one of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse. Series lovers note: There are more books to come. 19-Oct  Andrea Cremer Nightshade The first installment in a werewolf saga with a strong young woman as a leader of the pack.
26-Oct  Laura L. Sullivan Under the Green Hill Four children sent to the English countryside become entangled in a fairy war. (It sounds a little like Narnia to me...and I like the idea of that.)

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