Thursday, July 1, 2010

"Wisconsin Death Trip"

The release date for The Freak Observer is sneaking closer.

I want to celebrate, so I'm giving away Wisconsin Death Trip, by Michael Lesy, which is a book in Loa's world, the universe of the Freak Observer...

So how do you enter? Tell the world about a photograph that tells a story to you.

Do it on your blog or on Twitter in a sentence or two, whatever seems right for you and your story. If you blog leave me a link in the comments so I can find it. If you Tweet, use hash tag #TheFreakObserver. Do you get extra entries for being all retweety? No. You can do that if you want to...

What if you don't blog or tweet? Just leave a comment here.

You may get a book that is a classic, but I know if you think about and write about a photograph, you will totally win. And I get to give someone a book described as a cult classic... It's a win-win.

So I'll put the book in the mail to the winner on July 8th. That mean's the contest ends one week from today.

The word for today: ekphrasis The graphic, often dramatic description of a visual work of art. (There are other, more general definitions, but let's use this one.)

"Calamity Jane" does a fantastic job of explaining exphrasis and how it can be used in narrative.

PS: If you need this book and don't want to mess around with random chance, it is available from the Wisconsin Historical Society Press.
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