Thursday, July 29, 2010

The True Author Bio

My first stories were dreams, and I still do my best work in that genre.
The audience is singular and sympathetic.

"Three cowboys went to Africa."
That's the first story I wrote down with letters.
Small wonder; my dad had a sentimental Western romance MS in the attic. It was called "Rodeo Twins." The debate rages on whether I am my father's daughter. I hope not. His book was terrible.

I don't have an MFA.
If I did have an MFA it would be in the visual arts. But I know people who are MFAs and I'm not like them, which is to say I'm not that good.

When I was an intern,
I read a poem submitted by poet Richard Hugo.
It had a bloody thumbprint on it. A little while later he was dead.
"This is the art of poetry, the art of meaning what you say."

I live in a house--with running water and everything.
It wasn't always so. I've lived in driveways and canvas teepees, and I've slept in trees and on rocks in the middle of frozen rivers.
It happens.

I've loved people and been loved back.
That's something.
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