Friday, July 23, 2010

A Couple of Things about Love

Here is the story of Jack and Betty, both 81, reuniting after 62 years apart. Jack is a rascal. Betty is no nonsense.

"I gotta stay in a motel for a couple a nights because her daughters are there and the rooms are all full, but that ain't gonna last."

"Are you going to give her a kiss?"
"You better believe it, not just one either."

"Love is worth a lot of work."
"How do you know? Are you in love?"
"Well then you don't know."

"Where's my Betty?"
"I'm here"
"And we are in love with each other."

The other thing? I never had a high school sweetheart. I think Margaret Mead would have found my experience appropriate for a person of my age. But then, she was an Ash-Can Cat who bobbed her hair and had heartfelt adventures of her own.

Listening to Dolly Varden, The Dumbest Magnets:

"your nervous laughter is contagious my will has broken down in stages we've scraped the bottom of the block together confusing tears won't stain our eyes forever the choir turned in our direction we laid down all expectations the room all lit from the outside Indian Summer the high notes circling your head forever the dumbest magnets hold together there are more questions than answers forever give in believe for better my skin is shared"
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