Thursday, July 15, 2010

Book Trailers: Play Value

My son helped me make this trailer. Book trailers are strange things. Some get run in theaters before block-buster summer movies open. Others--well--are more like this one.
(PS Last night on YAchat there was some discussion of why people who write books make book trailers instead of leaving it to the professionals. Lack of money came up. Egomania didn't come up, but it probably should have. So should benighted stupidity or straight-up delusion. I'm sticking with "for fun" and "to make my kid happy." That's my story--and I'm sticking to it.)

Here is a trailer featuring a slew of 2010 debuts. This one is professionally done. It shows.

The other day a friend threw down a challenge to play. It hit while I was at the intersection of too much work and my hands hurt from typing. The only real reason I can think of for my book trailer is that it had some play value while little boy helped me work on it.

Here's a book that might help you get your play on...
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