Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lessons of the Week: What I Learn while Indexing

Indexing a good book can make me lose my mind. It's happened more than once. I admit it. As I write this, I'm a wholly owned creature of a great book, a reading slave. I'm not going to tell you about the book, because, if I try, I will be as successful as I was when I described this one

The syntax of the body is not disturbed by reversals: situs viscerum inversu.
There it is, everything contrary, but the backwards heart is invisible to the other.

There are numbers forbidden, allowed, and preferred. The unrealized form points to the optimal number.

Even I understand that to be a bit of failed communication.

So I'm going to burrow into that book, that book that burrowed into me. 

And I wish you all that sort of book.

P.S. Good things are happening with The Freak Observer. I was honored by two readers, one 86 years old and the other 90, who read it and said it is good. These are honest people who have been reading for a long time. Their opinions matter to me. And book as artifact now exists, with red board covers. Stripped naked, under the jacket, the Freak Observer looks like this...
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