Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Science in Fiction: This is the contest you are looking for...

I love KickStarter. I love it because it seeds creativity. I love it because I want to support projects like this one:
So what is this "Crossed Genres Science in My Fiction" project about? 
It's about integrating real science into science fiction. 
If you are a reader of science fiction, like me, consider becoming a supporter of the project. 
You can invest as little as $1.
If you are a writer of science fiction, what are you waiting for?
Enter the contest.
Here's the key: The Science in your story must be integral to the story--
and it has to be inspired by a recent scientific discovery or innovation. 
Real Science = better fiction.
For more specifics visit I Like a Little Science in My Fiction.
Doesn't this just make you feel better about the world and the people in it?
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