Friday, April 9, 2010

Hats, rules regarding. See also helmets

Bike wreck on the way to school. 

My son, Angus: "I've killed my dad!" 

Me, looking at the not-quite-killed dad: "You look like Tom Baker--you ARE DR. WHO!"

And it's true, without his glasses and slightly stunned, the love of my life looks like Dr. Who. I'm going to knit him a very long scarf. I hope it doesn't get wrapped around the crank.

The night before the accident we were talking about a friend who wears a beret.

I took the opportunity to lay down a few rules regarding hats: No berets. You can wear a wide brimmed fedora; you can wear a cowboy hat. You can't wear a hat like Russell Hantz on Survivor. Absolutely no beret. 

After the bike wreck I need to amend the rules. Helmets are on the "yes" list...they were always on the yes list. A hat as seen above, on the 4th Dr. is fine, but not the 7th Dr.'s Panama. And I repeat: WEAR A HELMET (not a beret).
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