Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Generosity of Strangers a.k.a. "Gentle Readers"

"I’ve worked on my share of books, but I remain astonished at how books happen. There’s almost always luck, coincidence, misunderstanding, and randomness, plus long phone conversations, colorful Word files, and some alcohol in various measures, all coming together after a year or three to make a book. Whatever changes about books, let’s try to keep that part." 

--Andrew Karre

Thank you. This is to say thank you.

Today I try to say a proper public thank you to people who have given me an extraordinary gift: They read my book.

First on the list is Andrew Karre (Perfect Editor) of Carolrhoda LAB. If books are trout, he is both the perfect stream and the perfect angler. He understands the gift economy of books. And he's happy in his's proof.

Next are three authors who found time to read my book:

Julie Schumacher,

Christina Meldrum,

and Kathe Koja.

I can't really express how much it means to have readers like these as an encouraging audience. I can tell you this: Their books are gifts. To read the books of these authors is to learn how to breathe stories; it is the sort of reading that is essential to discovering how to write.

And finally, thank you, the you who is reading this now. 
I appreciate the gift.
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