Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Curiosity and Toro the Cat

Once upon a time I was visiting a curious library, and there I saw a book "cataloged" as follows BAGS OF TRASH, CAT, DANCING, DRINKING, WANDERING AROUND AND PASSING OUT.

This sort of thing is catnip for me. Irresistible. Who is this mysterious cat? I felt great sympathy for him, for I, too, have experienced toilet paper frustration. I set up a caterwauling on Facebook, and, because I am fortunate in my family-by-choice*, I received a copy of the mysterious book, Toro's Diary. Toro has many adventures including being bored, folding laundry, and forgetting to take the trash out. I'd like to share a few more pages with you.

Toro visits the playground with his friends.
Most of his pleasures are simple: A warm bath--a nice dish of curry, the beauty of a vapor trail across the blue sky.

Then they go dancing--and have a few drinks...maybe more than a few.
On another occasion, Toro spends the evening at home.

I like both the truth:

"Mumble, mumble...I can't swim anymore."

And the consequences:

"I don't feel so good."

*With sincere gratitude to Shannon, friend and translator.

Vocabulary-building FACTOIDS

Curious: The desire to know (usually in a bad sense.)
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