Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Best toys ever. . .

I liked to draw pictures of shipwrecks when I was little. My ships were galleons, pirate ships, which are pretty much the "tulips" of the ship world: stereotypical, symbolic, and routine. My shipwrecks were populated with sharks, electric eels, giant clams and octopuses. And they were crawling with death, too, the bones and ghosts of dead pirates, naturally, but even more naturally all those sharks, electric eels, octopuses... Drawing was--and is--one of my favorite ways to play.

For one reason or another, people are seeking out toys to give to children. Hamsterdroids are big this year. I find the existence of pink telescopes and microscopes* cheering--others disagree.

You can't go wrong with the perennial favorites a stick or a cardboard box. You really can't.

This season's top play award, given for knowing how to play and getting others to join in, goes to ...

Josh Berk and Kiersten White for this toy.

Wishing you all sticks and cardboard boxes and tinsel-pooping cats.

* This is neither a microscope or a telescope. The heady cocktail of guns and Hello Kitty is not for me.
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