Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Virtual Homesteading: It's just part of the job.

Before I write one more word, I need to tell you that the process of publication is all new and more than a little nerve wracking. I have been involved in books for a very long time, but my corner of the publishing ecosystem was small. My corner is still small, but now I feel like I'm walking on the ceiling--familiar things have become very strange.

Here are a few things that I never thought of before, but now I must...

Blurbs: The need for blurbs came up during the revision process. Fortunately, my editor has ideas about authors who might be willing. Honestly, the very idea of approaching the authors of books I've read and enjoyed makes me quake. I know that authors are people. I work with authors. Some of my friends are authors. But that doesn't change the fact that this is a new and different dynamic.

Postcards and other swag: Postcards are a character in my book. Naturally there will be postcards. I am also interested in having an artist create a business card that belongs to a more conventional (human) character. Thinking about this sort of thing is fun.

Virtual Real Estate: Fortunately my editor provides both information and a nudge--which must be working: See this site?

It is my feeble effort. To be honest, I think all I've accomplished so far is claiming my name as my domain.

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